Living in New York City has molded me into the person I am today. This melting pot is what made me fall in love with different cultures, different people, and the rhythmic music each individual sings. These factors play into the inspiration for my paintings. Painting is one way I convey who I am. I am the colors on my palette and my brush is my instrument which interprets the imagery in my mind and paints it on canvas. Artistic expression is my happiness and when I paint, I am at peace.





New York based artist and painter Valerie Patritti was born in L.A and raised in New York. She is currently a board member of the New York Society of Women Artists and recently exhibited her work at The Prince Street Gallery in New York. Valerie’s works vary in theme and each painting tells the narrative of a story. Her paintings show intricate details and an explosion of colors. Valerie continues to expand her artistic horizons by engaging in other mediums such as photography and fashion design.