I create figurative narratives through allocation and assemblage to underscore our new realities and reveal the visceral spirit of the times. Working with four main subjects, portraits, archetypes, human relationships and movement; humor, horror, and the everyday are contemplated.

Integration is key; I am challenged to overcome the unique 'oneness' of an object in order to complete a successful work using numerous objects. The object itself, while keeping its core integrity must surrender to the greater end statement.

Along with modeling, and castings, the history of the 'detritus' interests me and I focus on the associations our society has found in them; intentional or not.

The fleeting values we have, and the question of worth is constantly explored.


Since 2008 Suprina has had her art featured in venues nationwide. She won a competition for interactive public sculptures, where her sculpture was featured in NYC for 4 months. She was recently awarded a full room to showcase a large number of her works at The Drawing Room Exhibit for being chosen as one of seven artists with the “best portfolio” out of hundreds of contenders. Suprina also enjoys ongoing business from creating commissioned 3D portraits.

Suprina was born and raised in New York. She studied sculpture at the Philadelphia College of Art. For her first three years at College, Suprina focused her studies on the human figure and human anatomy; then, during senior year, she discovered the world of detritus. She created her very first 'found object' sculpture that year. “The beauty I saw in the gutters of Philadelphia struck me, and a lifelong marriage of creativity and expression began."

She has shown her found object figurative sculptures in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Chicago.