I feel. And I write what I feel. Feeling something exactly as it is the ultimate form of sincerity. Feeling is the language of the soul. But words are inadequate to express these deep feelings from within. So I reveal these feelings visually in a medium I call "soul essays." Some reflectthe deep spirit of my beating heart; others record my grieving heart or the excitement of longing. 

My soul essays are not a mere form of artistic expression; rather, they represent consolation, inspiration and rediscovery of my past, present and future. These soul essays are all-encompassing portrayals of my heart and state of mind….

My works uses various shapes and colors of different papers. Specifically, I take rice papers and other paper mediums, modify and decorate them, and use them in conduction with oil and acrylic to create collages. Each paper is like a memory fragment of how I felt or my impression of scene. The act of arranging them into a collage is a way of piecing together the memories of the past and reliving them. That is why the titles on my works are literally sentences taken from my diary or essay. Sometimes, it’s poetic. Because each of my work has its own story, the process of choosing the colors, defying the shapes and patterns of the papers is not merely about creating something that is esthetically pleasing.  Tt is the means for allusion of an elegiac portrayals of my states of mind.


A Collage Artist Sueim Koo's foray into the world of professional art kicked off late in life, having earned her BFA from Purchase College the same year she turned fifty, and studied at The Student Art League NY.  She has never the less been prolific in creating and sharing her art work. There were almost 40 exhibitions within five years.

On Jun. 2015, she was featured for a special Gala Event “Bridge Korea” at International House of Philadelphia as a Korean Artist.  Her works were collected by non-profit organizations. Recently she was rewarded the 1st prize of “Our Common Ground Artist Guild”. On Dec. 2015, her work was selected at Monmouth Museum’s Juried Exhibition, and featured on Artist Catalogue as an emerging artist.