Dejected to see the Korean traditional folk art (Minhwa) becoming disconnected and distant from the modern day society, Stephanie S. Lee had a discerning desire to preserve it by reenacting it. Employing the unique symbolic, decorative, and symmetrical attributes of the Minhwa while applying the traditional methods, Lee compares and reinterprets the lost touch with the tradition while reconnecting with the modern art.



Stephanie S. Lee studied in Busan art high school in South Korea and earned BFA at Pratt Institute. Later, she learned Korean Folk Art from Busan National University when she visited Korea in 2011. She has been selected as a participating artist in many art fairs including Scope Art Show, Spectrum Miami Art Show, Fountain Art Fair and Affordable Art Fair. As an artist & a curator, she held many exhibitions in the U.S and in overseas, and has been awarded numerous occasions for her exceptional art work. She is also teaching Korean Folk Art, known as Minhwa at CHUN culture center to the public and wishes to allure the public into the splendidness of Korean tradition and its