The focus of my work is the beauty that I find within life, nature and within ourselves. My art is inspired directly from my life experiences. It is derived from raw emotions that are recorded and transformed into color, line, shape and composition. Nature with its mountains, sky and sea present a never ending source of inspiration. I am also moved by the simplest form of human acts.

Whether it is a young woman trying on her wedding dress or a young man caught up in the emotions of music and dance.

Drawing is a passion of mine. I use drawing to sculpt the image that I want to create no matter what the medium. I try to make my work as personal for the viewer as it is for me.

My work is the culmination of past and present aspects of art that are combined to create a 21rst century vision in the field of figurative and landscape art.





Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos is a member of Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art in New York. Her work has been exhibited in solo shows and group exhibitions in France and in the United States. Ms. Kolitsopoulos’ solo exhibitions were held at Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art and at Montserrat Gallery in New York. She has shown in group exhibitions at Prince Street Gallery in New York, Le Chant De L’Encre Association in Clermont Ferrand, France, the Hammond Museum in New York, Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art in New York, Sylvia Ward and Po Kim Gallery in New York, Upstream Gallery in New York, Climate Gallery in New York, Valdosta States University in Georgia and at the National Arts Club in New York.

Ms. Kolitsopoulos’ work is in the collection of the Hammond Museum and in private collections in the United States and in Greece.

Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos was born in Brooklyn, New York and has received a BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York.