Lynne Friedman



I am a painter inspired and transformed by travel. My paintings have evolved from a long term interest in landscape spaces into an interest in man made spaces and architectural structures verging on geometric abstraction.  A geometric theme prevails. I am interested in tilted grids and pulsing color to suggest confusion in urban settings and finding patterns in the physical environment. The work is intended to be a series of responses to the experience of life at this time in the 21st century. Abstraction is one way we think about the future a bit like 1912-1925 when artists were inspired by utopian beliefs that technology would create a better world - which it is no longer. I hope the formal qualities of my more abstract paintings act as part of the work’s expressive message. I hope they will reflect the spiritual experiences of our own time.



Lynne Friedman has had six solo shows in the Chelsea District of NY, the James McNeil Whistler Museum (MA), and the Booth Western Art Museum(GA). Her work was chosen in 2013 by the US Dept of State - Art in Embassies Program for exhibitions at the US Embassies in Djibouti, E. Africa and Colombo, Sri Lanka and included in exhibits at the Albright Knox Museum, the Attleboro Museum, the Hammond Museum and is in numerous private and corporate collections including Pfizer, IBM, McGraw Hill and the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Sarasota. She has been awarded seven art residencies from the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts,Tyrone Guthrie Center (Ireland), and Valparaiso (Spain). Listed in Who's Who in American Art, she received a BA/MFA from Queens College and studied at the New York Studio School.