“I paint because I have to.  It's the only way I have of expressing my very active inner life.  My emotions, unconscious mind and my intuitions translate images through color and light. I extract forms from the natural world and imbue a sense of luminous chroma which suggests meditative, and sometimes spiritual qualities. Transmitted impressions, though idiosyncratic and personal, find a resonance with others, as the universal language of art becomes my vehicle for the mysteries of the visual world. When I am uplifted into the realm of visual beauty, I am able to transcend this reality into a different realm of meditation and joy.”


Linda Butti is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and having lived in all of the boroughs at one time or another. She is the third generation of artists in her family, as her grandfather was a builder and her father was a craftsman who fixed accordions and made bellows for them. “My father was amazing…he’d take plain heavy cardboard and through process after process, change them into gorgeously decorated accordion bellows…As a child, I always watched him, fascinated by their transformation, I was mesmerized- and hooked on art!”

Receiving her MFA in 1975, she began her career of painting and exhibiting and was selected for her first juried show by the Brooklyn Museum in 1977. To date, she has had twenty-seven solo shows in the NYC metropolitan area, countless numbers of group exhibitions, nationally and internationally, and has won awards and grants.  Many of her pieces are placed in key collections and just recently, "Cherry Tree" was purchased by Yuko Nii for her collection at the WAH center. Forty public and corporate collections own her work, as well as numerous private collectors. Her recent solo show was reviewed and can be read at

Ms Butti is also a firm believer in education and is an Adj. Prof of Art,  lecturing on art history, teaching studio courses and guest curating exhibitions in the metropolitan area.