Homage to the Circle. Of the many universal shapes that I have explored in recent years – the circle is still my favored one – it’s so simple and yet so complicated!

By utilizing the sphere as the shape of my canvas, my paintings are given a sculpture impression look that evoke the theme of eternity.The eternal, mysterious shape has no beginning and no end... It has been a challenge to me – often times leading to desperation – to create a balanced composition with a direction and a focus point within a circle.



New York artist Gerda Roze was born in Riga, Latvia and came to the UnitedStates after WWII. A painter, printmaker and constructionist, she earned her B.S. degree from Columbia University, and studied Art History at NYU. Her formal art training began at the Art Students League in NYC. Independently, she has studied painting at the Chelsea College of Art in London, England and printmaking with Pratt at the Scoula Internacionale di Graphica in Venice, Italy.The artist’s non-objective abstractions have ruled her creations since the early1970’s and continue to reflect her independence and innovation. Her works are represented in corporate and private collections in the USA, Canada and Europe, including 4 prints in ‘ Latvian National Art Museum Arsenals’ in Riga and six paintings in’ Diaspora Museum of Latvian Art’ in Cesis. Since 1979, the artist has had 18 solo shows.