I have always been a maker of things. From an early age I repurposed found objects, transforming them into magical environments or beings. Today, my stockpile of things is supplemented by friends and family. Rarely have I rejected someone else’s reject, and I have taken my cues from embedded messages within the objects before me.I approach two dimensions with the same methods used in making wearables and sculpture. Things are layered, repurposed and altered. Materials are eclectic. I work until the piece throbs with motion and color. When it ‘sings’ I am finished.

At heart, I am a collagist. Sculptures are assembled from detritus. Clothing is pieced together in layers, and paintings are combinations of forms in brilliant hues and baroqueopulence. Funnels, fans, circles and coils recur and collide to give my work lift and the flow of delightful dances. Unusual combinations of materials abound: Paper flowers and beading enliven etchings. Crochet wire and architectural photos cover monoprints. I take great pleasure and enjoyment in the creation of my art. I aim to entertain, delight and wow viewers. My wish is to share a joyous, optimistic exhilaration.




Deborah L. Brand received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Queens College. She also studied at the New School for Research and FIT in New York.Her work has been shown throughout the country in juried museum and gallery shows including: the Albright-Knox, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the American Craft Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Folk and Craft, the Godwin-Ternbach Museum, the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum, the New England Craft Museum, and the de Cordova.