In my paintings I explore how women in art and society evolved over time.
My last one-person show title “Ground Line” included six still life painting groupings, a genre that signifies something ostensibly static but by virtue of the joined panels and the interaction of the objects that they encompassed, created a dynamic sense of movement.

The paintings ranged from the almost classical realism…
to the near abstraction. By using iconic imagery along the mundane, I re-contextualized these images to create non-linear narrative resulting in a new way of viewing traditional materials. 



The exploration of the role of Women in Art and Society (Revising Art History, Rescuing the Female Image) informs Daniele Marin’s art. She was born in Paris, France and now lives in the USA. She earned a MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and is the recipient of two painting Awards from The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. 

Her numerous shows include the Rutgers University (Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series) and the Fifth Annual International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy. She had twelve One-Person shows in New York.

Her publications include Art in America, Woman’s Art Journal (Rutgers) and other magazines and books. 

Her work is in the collection of the Newark Museum (NJ), the Montclair Museum (NJ), Merrill Lynch and private collections.