Since rediscovering my love for drawing in recent years, I see objects around me in a different way.  I love the way shades of light affect the appearance of a simple subject and make it look more interesting, more dramatic, and often more beautiful. 

I strive to create an image that is realistic, paying close attention to the details and shading, but also using my creativity and emotions to add life and a sense of movement to my drawings.  This is an exciting and magical process for me, which I hope is conveyed through my work.



Carol Gromer is a self-taught artist, using her childhood passion for drawing as the motivation to express her interpretation of the world as an adult.  It has only been a few years since Carol has gone back to drawing, and yet in that short time she has accomplished a great deal.  

A member of several artists organizations, including the Mamaroneck Artists Guild, the American Artists Professional League, the Salmagundi Club, as well as the New York Society of Women Artists, Carol has had the opportunity to exhibit her work in some very prestigious venues.  She has won numerous awards and has received a great deal of recognition for her work.