I took a 34 year break from art as I pursued a successful career as a corporate executive. I returned to painting in late 2010 and began to realize that my paintings are also about transitions in my life. 

How could I start painting again after such a long creative gap? Who was that person who painted so long ago? Who is the person now who picks up a paint brush?

I took heart in my belief that painting is as much about our own personal maturation and growth as it is about our artistic vision and ability. 

At this stage in my life I feel free, grateful, joyful, and playful.  My paintings reflect that new-found connection with life, creativity, color, movement and mood.





Carol Perron Sommerfield has returned to art after a 34-year hiatus. After receiving her BA in Fine Art from Ramapo College she entered the business world. Soon her life as an executive overshadowed her life as an artist. During those 34 years Carol earned an MBA in Management, an MA in Organizational Development, and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems. Since 2011 her work has won numerous awards and been selected for many juried shows.