With light, color and animated drawing, or mark making, i strive to capture the feeling of a moment in space and time. Generally, then, I am a landscape artist.

That landscape work usually explores relationship between Nature and the Built Environment: roof tops against sky, people against planes of buildings or streets, roads cutting through nature, people in subways, or on manmade beaches.

These moments include the moving against the stationary. Light and shade on the static planes and vigorously drawn figures vitiate the right angle tyranny of the urban settings.

Too, the movement of figures and vehicles, of the nearby river, of planes in the sky, versus that which seems staionary, suggests the corollary relationship of matter and energy. Nice to be able to translate energy into form in Art.

Ultimately it is my wish to create beauty and evocative works in which people recognize moments in their own experience of the world.


Betsy grew up in the country, drawing the landscape and people around her. When it was swallowed by suburbia, the dynamic between nature and the built environment remained a deeply rooted theme and became content in her mature work. She earned degrees in the History of Art, Teaching of Art, and an MFA in Printmaking, from Skidmore, NYU and City College, respectively.  She also studied at the University of Guadalajara, the Art Students League, Columbia University and the School of Visual Arts.

While teaching in the city schools full time, she began showing in small local venues, and had her first solo show in 1974. She was a founding member of the West Side Arts Coalition, and local Open Studios, showed in the Cork Gallery, libraries, and was the first Solo exhibitor in the new gallery of LaGuardia High School. Printmaker until joints wore out, she used the abstract composition of shapes and color with her skill and love of line to create the layered and complex multi block and plate images, much of her output for many years. This strengthened the paintings that were to follow. 

There were residencies and scholarships awarded, and studios rented, then she moved into a large living space with ample studio room.  She has been painting there ever since. The surrounding environment, streets, buildings, skies, river, people and vehicles, are the stuff of her compositions, encroaching upon or providing background for each other. She continues to show locally, having 24 solo shows along with dozens of group exhibits here, and has also exhibited in Oregon, Massachusetts, Mexico, the Dominican Republic. Her work is in numerous private collections.